Downloading the latest version of TrackEasy

If you are a registered user of TrackEasy, you are welcome to download the latest upgrade at any time.

If you don't already have the latest version you will need a new registration key, as for security reasons we change the registration key with each version. In that case please complete the following form before installing the upgrade, and we will send you a new registration key.

Your name:
Name of business:
Email address:
New version:

If you are using your company logo for printing documents, you should make a backup copy of the file logo.bmp before installing the new version, as this file will be overwritten by the default logo file.

Please note that TrackEasy now installs by default in the folder C:\TrackEasy. If you have previously installed TrackEasy in C:\Program Files\TrackEasy, please change the installation folder when you are running the installation program.