Register YourLibrary Software for Lending Library Management

You may register your copy of YourLibrary from this page by completing the form below and clicking on the payment link. The cost of a single site licence is US$150.00 for the light version and US$280.00 for the full version. This is a one time payment.

You should receive your registration key within 24 hours of our receipt of your order. Sometimes our email may go into your bulk folder, please remember to check it if you do not see it in your inbox.

Name of library:

Please check that the name of the library is entered exactly as the name that you wish to appear on your receipts, and the name which you have entered (or intend to enter) in the YourLibrary setup.

If you are unable to pay using Paypal, please email us at and we will provide details of other payment options.

Returns policy
We do not offer refunds on downloaded versions of our software. GrenSoft's products are available for evaluation prior to purchase. Please ensure that you have evaluated the software and found it to be suitable for your requirements before you register.

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