Features of WorkTracer Software for Repair Shop Management

  • Easy one-time setup procedure
  • Choice of date format and currency symbol
  • Up to three taxes on labor and sales
  • Password protected functions (including all setup commands)
  • Management of repair tickets
  • Flexible labor rates
  • Customer accounts
  • Print & email invoices
  • Set up your own text for contracts, invoices and receipts
  • Option to print company logo on contracts, invoices and receipts
  • All reports exportable in csv format (eg to Excel)
  • Barcode compatible
  • Receipt printer, cash drawer and pole display compatible
  • Data file backup function
  • POS for merchandise sales
  • User manual as HTML document
  • Graphical work scheduler
  • Export customers' mail merge file
  • Flag for priority tickets
  • Print barcoded ticket labels
  • Attach photographs to equipment
  • Accept merchandise orders
  • Read customer data from TrackEasy rental software
  • Print account statements
  • Reminders for equipment recall
  • Manage quotations
  • Print barcode labels for stock
  • SMS text messaging to customers using CDyne
  • Accept part payments and advance payments
  • Manage warranties
  • Reminders for tickets (eg waiting for parts, due on ... )
  • Editable field names
  • Option to round change to nearest 5 cents (Canada)
  • Manage lay-bys (layaways)
  • Phone notifications to customers using CDyne
  • Add percentage charges (eg shop supplies)
  • Employee commissions
  • Option to print invoices in Dutch or Norwegian
  • Check status of work tickets online
  • Manage refunds
  • Annual service contracts
  • Track referrals
  • Record spoken notes for tickets
  • Attach documents to tickets
  • Employee time clock
  • List customer details
  • Customer's ticket history
  • List stock details (highlights stock requiring reorder)
  • Labur summary (by employee)
  • Receipts (for specified period)
  • Revenue (for specified period)
  • Open tickets
  • Merchandise sales and work history
  • Tickets requiring account payment
  • Tickets requiring collection
  • Tickets with incomplete work
  • Charges for tickets
  • Summary report on tickets
  • Summary report on sales
  • Equipment history
  • Stock reorders
  • Account activity
  • Stock locations
  • Reminders
  • Status of open tickets
  • Status of stock orders
  • Quotations
  • Warranties currently in effect
  • Employee utilization
  • Deposits held

New in version 5.5: new ticket layout (requires minimum display height of 720 pixels).

Software for Repair Shops
by GrenSoft

Phone: +1 888 213 4610
(Toll free USA & Canada)